Our Pastors

The greatest leaders are endowed with a servant’s heart. They lead by example, willingly sacrificing for the good of those whom God has entrusted them to guide. Nothing could be truer of Pastors Djuan and Gwendolyn Irvin. They are anointed to proclaim the Word of God with boldness and clarity. Together, they walk through life with their flock, ensuring that not one sheep is left behind. They cover, counsel, and correct the people of New Life Ministries World Outreach Center from a place of wisdom and compassion. No matter how low the valley or fiery the trial, these servant-minded leaders persevere with their people until victory manifests.

Pastor Irvin and Lady Gwendolyn are committed to impacting the whole lives of individuals – spirit, soul, and body. They are fervent in their pursuit to reconcile lives back to God, restore relationships with Christ, and seeing the revival of new lives within the Body of Christ. 

Pastor Djuan Irvin

Not every pastor exhibits the qualities of a shepherd. Pastor Djuan Irvin’s carries the mantle of both. He teaches, leads, and covers with integrity. His focus is on relationship rather than religion, because he knows those who truly encounter God will experience lasting life transformation.

Pastor Irvin unpacks the Word of God in a way that is both revelatory and relatable. All who sit under his teaching become encouraged and equipped to live the Word daily. As the senior pastor of New Life Ministries World Outreach Center, Pastor Irvin fosters an atmosphere of authenticity and intimacy with Christ. Through the apostolic gifting, he delivers correction wrapped in grace. Through his anointing for deliverance, Pastor Irvin ushers those bound and broken to a place of healing and wholeness in Christ.

Pastor Irvin is dedicated to training his people in the art of spiritual warfare. He teaches applicable tools for binding generational curses and loosing generational blessings. Whether it is a Sunday morning sermon or one-on-one conversation, Pastor Irvin strives to pinpoint the connection between natural actions and spiritual ramifications, so that strongholds are broken and liberty is experienced. He is passionate about seeing people free and whole in Christ.

A review of Pastor Djuan Irvin’s life will soon reveal that family is his first ministry. During his early adult years, this only son laid down his plans to pursue a military career. He returned home with an honorable discharge from the United States Army to be with his ailing father. Thereafter, he enrolled in college where he met Gwendolyn, the love of his life and ministry mate. The two married on February 2, 1991, and continued their pursuit of Christ together. They are the proud parents of Denzel, Darius, and Tiffany.

Pastor Djuan Irvin is a man of strong conviction and faithfulness. He lives the Word he proclaims. As one who walks by faith and not by sight, he stays the course and trusts God’s path for his life. Pastor Irvin and Lady Gwendolyn prepared for the work of ministry by studying under Pastor L.J. Lamar at Abundant Life Christian Church International. In 1997, they completed their ministerial studies and set out to help individuals find new life in Christ through the Ministry of Reconciliation.

Pastor Gwendolyn Irvin

Lady Gwendolyn M. Irvin is a dynamic leader, teacher, prophet, and visionary. The Lord has gifted her with the ability to discern the needs of the people and communicate implementable strategies for natural and spiritual success.

 Lady Gwendolyn comes alongside her husband, Pastor Djuan Irvin, as his helpmate and executive pastor to ensure the fulfilling of his life’s calling as the senior pastor of New Life Ministries World Outreach Center. As mother to Denzel, Darius, and Tiffany, she loves, leads, and continues to build a legacy of Christ-followers.

Lady Gwendolyn is a prophet who is passionate about reaching the hearts of God’s people. Her gifting equips her to rightly discern the season while bringing clarity and confirmation regarding the will of the Lord. Lady Gwendolyn moves in a diversity of spiritual gifts to meet others right where they are, but rest assured that she doesn’t leave them where they are. Reconcile, restore, and revive – this is the mission of the house and the burning desire of Lady Gwendolyn’s heart. She specifically has a passion for seeing women made whole – spirit, soul, and body. This is evidenced through her ministries Ladies of Life and Vessels of Honor.

Ladies of Life exists under New Life Ministries as a monthly fellowship during which Lady Gwendolyn teaches women to dwell in unity with God and live lives of purpose. She instructs attendees on how to be useful to God, prepared for the call, and ready for any good work as encouraged by II Timothy 2:19-21. We were not created for mediocre living; Lady Gwendolyn possesses tenacity for training others to thrive in the Kingdom of God. She launched Vessels of Honor to extend her efforts to equip others by offering mentorship programs and conferences that set ladies ablaze for the things of God.

Lady Gwendolyn is anointed and appointed to train women in the ways of freedom. She motivates and readies others to form a personal, intimate relationship with the Lord. As she pours out from her wellspring of biblical knowledge, wisdom, and prophetic flow, women come to know the love of the Father, the sacrifice of the Son, and the leading of the Spirit.

Lady Gwendolyn shares God’s heart for family. She offers a biblically balanced view of headship, submission, and family dynamics, knowing that families are made stronger through the correct application of God’s Word. Indeed, Lady Gwendolyn Irvin speaks God’s truth, and lives are transformed as a result of her commitment to the Kingdom.


Reconcile. Restore. Revive




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